Handmade Hair, Bath & Body Products. Specially formulated for African Skin & Hair.

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Sisay: Amharic. Of Ethiopia. Unisexual name meaning: omen of good things or a blessing. YOU are blessed to have found us! We make all the hair, bath & body products you'll ever need. By purchasing from us, you are helping out young girls from lower income areas. For each product purchased, we dedicate an hour of mentorship to young girls who dream of becoming business owners and changing the African landscape.   When we grow, so does everyone else. Our products are made with love, and because we have such a big heart, we do all we can to empower individuals from causes that are close to our heart. Please go ahead and shop for treats you like. We guarantee it will be all of them. 

About Us

Bonolo Marcia Phuku

Owner, Formulator

For Bonolo, the Beauty Industry is truly a calling.  She left a career in advertising to find work that feels like play. She spends all of her free time formulating products for you to use, love and enjoy.